March 31, 2018


Remember the AGM will be at No31 this coming week, on Tuesday 3rd at 8.30pm. Lots to discuss and plans to make…….you don’t have to be a  member to come along to the AGM or any Tuesday night meet, now EVERY Tuesday in this wonderful daylight we have. Our Tuesday night runs are back on now too, just turn up at 31 at before 7pm and be ready to go at 7. Arctic ,snowy and frosty nights excepted…..

Bike on the road now? I hope so , don’t delay and get out on it! The more of us on the road the more likely other drivers will notice us!

Watch those potholes too they’re likely to give your wheel a nasty crack if you hit a  deep one., and remember all the tar that was in that hole is now scattered all over the road just waiting for you……..

Ride safe

February 24, 2018

2018 – news so far!

Our  BURNS NICHT at the start of February was another great night, and we raised £160 for Maggie’s Centre. Thanks to Robbie the piper, Harry for the address to the beast, and Scott and all the musicians for playing all night. Plus everyone who donated raffle prizes. Thanks.

The Club AGM will be Tuesday April 3rd at No31, so come along and have your say. More later on this.

The MAGGIE’S RUN this year will be on Sunday May 13th, starting and finishing at the Red House Hotel, Coupar Angus. A fantastic new route for this year is likely, so watch for more news later!

This year the BAD MCC is 25 years old, so we’re having  a 25th Anniversary Party!  We have the Gig in Blair booked for Saturday 29th September, with Independence, an excellent band, playing. Not to be missed – but you’ll need a  ticket to get in.
Next Club night is 6th March, then the 20th. Once we’re into April I hope you’ll all have your bikes back on the road and be ready to rock’n’roll!

December 17, 2017

Last post of 2017

This coming Tuesday, 21st, is the last Club night at No31 before Christmas, so come along if you can manage.
The Club meal at The Old Cross was a great success, with over 30 folk there in the end . Food was good and service excellent, so we didn’t have any complaints and with a live band (well a  couple of guys) there was a good atmosphere till closing time. One of our best-ever Christmas nights out I reckon!
Star of the night was Jackie, who won the £50 meal voucher, so she can make the most of it sometime soon I hope. Thanks also to Pam for the table decorations etc and Helen for doing  the reminders and place tags. We actually managed to collect the right money in the end so thanks also to Bruce and Hazel for that.  And to El Prez Charlie for his excellent words !
Can I wish everyone a good Christmas and an excellent Hogmanay and thanks for supporting the BAD MCC this year.
First Club night of 2018 will be Tuesday 9th January, then the 23rd, just before our famous Burns Nicht on Saturday 3rd Feb so put it in your diary!

December 1, 2017

Would you believe it? We’re 25 (nearly!)

Next year, in April, we’ll have been in existence for 25 years! The Blairgowrie and District motorcycle club  started in Coupar Angus and has moved several times for meeting places as required.
We are presently found in Number 31 in the Wellmeadow Blairgowrie where we are enjoying the hospitality of the Bannermans who run a very welcoming bar and restaurant. The club has had many members throughout the years and enjoyed lots of adventures, laughs and great nights of food, music and quiz nights. We are very proud how along with our friends and supporters have been able to raise funds for many local charities including heart foundation, adult resource centre, Alyth pipe band to name but a few and also with our yearly ride out for the Dundee Maggies centre many thousands of £ have been raised to support this worthy centre who, with the help of donation and volunteers time make the world a bit more happier and comforting for those suffering from cancer.
The club Committee would like to hold a dance within the area to bring everyone together for a celebration of good times past and to the future. We would ask you all to offer a suggestion on music you would like to hear and a band that you enjoy. If you think you can support a night sometime in April/ May time we can make all the arrangements to bring it together and keep cost down to cover the overheads. Everyone is welcomed so please drop your name to us via the “contact us” button above and we will get organising. Any other clubs in the area, bike or otherwise are welcome to join us and offer up suggestions. Look forward to seeing what comes.

Cheers from the BADMCC committee.

November 20, 2017

QUIZ tomorrow!

Yes tomorrow night Tuesday 21st is my quiz to entertain you!  It’ll be time limited to 20min from when I hand out the question sheets, with 40 questions – so you won’t still be there at closing time, and you just have to fill in the answers or choose A,B or C.No smart*rs*s with smartphones allowed! First and second prizes and of course a booby prize. Be there by 8.45 for a 9.00 start please. Pens provided.

And our Christmas meal booking is now full up, so sorry if you haven’t put your hand up by now – you’ve missed out! I have 23 names and that’s all the Old Cross can take as they have other bookings.

November 12, 2017

Quiz next time!

Yes – next club night will be a  quiz to test what’s left of your brains!  Tuesday 21st Nov at No31, 8.45 start. Some bike stuff but also Scotland generally and local teasers too. All welcome and we’ll have prizes too .


September 27, 2017

Sunday Run

The Chippy Run went well with 6 bikes out for a  wee run to Dunkeld, Bankfoot and Murthly just before it got dark. Another few folk arrived for chips, making 10 in all so it was a sociable night. Even more at 31 later. That’ll be the last Tuesday night run for the year, as it;s too dark now for comfort – I need a new visor!
We decided to postpone the Roon the Tap Run and just have a run this Sunday due to the hectic social life of our members- it’s all fun out there folks! So anyone wanting a run on Sunday (that’s 1st Oct) meet at 10am at No31. Forecast’s not great at the moment but east looks better than west so if it’s looking like being a dry day, whoever turns up can decide where to go to get the best of the sun (haha).
We always change meetings to twice monthly from the end of October when the clocks change, so we’ll change to the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 1st November through to the end of March. I’ll remind you all again later!
We’ll try and get a few things arranged over the winter too. I’ll volunteer to do a quiz night and Derek and I can bore you one night with pics of our recent trip to Belgium for the Classic TT and travels through Germany/Luxembourg/Netherlands. And bring along your pics that night too as we’ll have my laptop and projector/screen set up.
The Christmas meal is provisionally booked for 8TH Dec at the Old Cross Inn, Rattray for up to 20 folk, and we’re waiting for their menu and prices.
Then there’s our famous Burns Nicht in January.