July 23, 2015

Chippy Run Tues 28th

Hi everyone

Just a  reminder that next Tuesday, the 28th, is our next chippy run – to Aberfeldy, to The Plaice in the Square.Right in the centre of Aberfeldy.
But we’re also going to try and get a group shot of everyone and their bikes beforehand to promote the BOOKMARK event with Geoff Hill. There will be a  photographer from the Blairie in the Wellmeadow at 6.45 on Tuesday, so we can get a picture for the paper with the BOOKMARK banner as well.  There’ll be an article in the Blairie about Geoff’s talk in the next edition, sponsored of course by us, so it’d be good if you could come along before the run to swell the numbers for the photo.
Just meet outside the Tourist office, NOT the Stormont, at 6.45 and we’ll start from there once the photos have been taken. Shouldn’t take long.
Hope to see you on Tuesday