September 25, 2017

Chippy Run!

It’s our last chippy run tomorrow (Tues 26th) folks, and the darktime cometh soon!

So I suggest we meet at 31 earlier, at 6.30 (YES 6.30) as the forecast is cloudy but dry. We can have a wee run locally and be back at 31 by dark at 7.30, then go to the new(ish) Blair Chippy across the Wellmeadow for chips. There’s plenty room to sit down inside, and then we can go back to 31 later.

Anyone fancying the chips but not the run can meet us at the Chippy at 7.30ish.

I suggest a  run to Meigle, up the Newtyle bends to Auchterhouse then over to Tealing. Then the dual carriageway for a  mile to the Kirrie turn off, up Lumley Den and over to Glamis. Depending on how dark it is , then over to Kirrie and home or just main rd Glamis/Meigle/ Alyth/home.

Hope you can make it!

On the Roon the Tap plan for the coming weekend, no plan yet. It’ll be a last-minute decision by those interested on Thursday when we see the weather forecast, and may end up just a Sunday run. So let me know soon if you’re interested.