November 4, 2015

George’s quiz time!

Yes George’s promised quiz on biking stuff in general is going to be on the 17th Nov – in two weeks. We’ll see if the esteemed chairman can bamboozle us – or if someone’s a genius….  starting at 9pm and it’s not a  marathon I ‘m told so you won’t miss your beauty sleep. It’s a quiz you’re supposed to do on your own, and George’ll have all the pencils and paper you need  . So come along and have a go. PRIZES!!! well maybe one….

We’re going to have a Christmas night out too and Friday the 4th of December’s been mentioned as a possible date for going out for a meal in Blair like last year, only at the Dalmore this time as the meal deal’s better there than the Royal. Much later than that and it gets busy everywhere with Christmas do’s. A bevvy in Dundee was also suggested, not necessarily on the 4th, so let any of the Committee know what you prefer – soon please! or both…      the Club won’t fund either of these as we agreed last year, you pay your own way. We’ll need to book something soon so don’t hang about.

There will be a Prize Draw at the main Christmas  event, whatever that is, with the Club putting up a £50 first prize and maybe a  couple of bottles for second / third . Every one of our 34 paid-up members will be put in the draw so you’ll have a  1 in 34 chance of winning! A whole lot better than the Lottery!