December 17, 2017

Last post of 2017

This coming Tuesday, 21st, is the last Club night at No31 before Christmas, so come along if you can manage.
The Club meal at The Old Cross was a great success, with over 30 folk there in the end . Food was good and service excellent, so we didn’t have any complaints and with a live band (well a  couple of guys) there was a good atmosphere till closing time. One of our best-ever Christmas nights out I reckon!
Star of the night was Jackie, who won the £50 meal voucher, so she can make the most of it sometime soon I hope. Thanks also to Pam for the table decorations etc and Helen for doing  the reminders and place tags. We actually managed to collect the right money in the end so thanks also to Bruce and Hazel for that.  And to El Prez Charlie for his excellent words !
Can I wish everyone a good Christmas and an excellent Hogmanay and thanks for supporting the BAD MCC this year.
First Club night of 2018 will be Tuesday 9th January, then the 23rd, just before our famous Burns Nicht on Saturday 3rd Feb so put it in your diary!