June 8, 2015

Latest news from the Secretary

Our next event will be the joint meet with the Heartland bikers at the Luib Hotel , between Lix Toll and Crianlarich, on Saturday 27th June. It’s a social evening in the pub, as we often see the Heartland folk at other events and we thought it was time we all had a get-together. We might work with them to hold  a few runs etc or other things, so this will be a chance to get to know them better. It’s just camping outside the hotel , but if you don’t want to camp they might have rooms free – try http://www.luibhotel.co.uk/
Might be a  run on Sunday depending on what happens on the day! And what happened the night before….
Hope to see you there – from teatime Saturday  till Sunday morning. The hotel does food so I hope we can eat there and get a  breakfast too.
and the Stormont Arms is still in business so we’re still meeting there. And if you haven’t renewed your subscription it’s still only a  tenner…….