July 19, 2017

Maggie’s Presentation

Charlie’s arranged to present the cheque for the money raised at the Maggies Run to them at the Maggies Centre in Dundee next Tuesday, 25th July. We’ve decided to combine the Chippy Run and the presentation, as it’s been difficult to sort dates etc so this way you get to do both on the same night! We’ll have a giant cheque (nearly £2000) to hand over as before and the banner up on Maggies for the photos.

So the plan is to leave the Wellmeadow for a wee run at 6.30pm sharp (Not the usual 7) and meet at the Maggies Centre in Dundee at 8pm to present the cheque.  Inbetween we can stop for chips somewhere closeby.like maybe Newport, Tayport or Invergowrie /Dundee .Anyone who can’t make 6.30 could perhaps make it for 8 at Maggies, or meet at the chipper (I’ll confirm where asap beforehand – any suggestions as to a good chipper ?) Think of it as a social night rather than a blast and it’ll be fine.

Please try and come along if you can as a good crowd at Maggies will show we all support them. It won’t take long and then we’ll head back to 31 any way you fancy.

But Applecross awaits….