June 8, 2015

Latest news from the Secretary

Our next event will be the joint meet with the Heartland bikers at the Luib Hotel , between Lix Toll and Crianlarich, on Saturday 27th June. It’s a social evening in the pub, as we often see the Heartland folk at other events and we thought it was time we all had a get-together. We might work with them to hold  a few runs etc or other things, so this will be a chance to get to know them better. It’s just camping outside the hotel , but if you don’t want to camp they might have rooms free – try http://www.luibhotel.co.uk/
Might be a  run on Sunday depending on what happens on the day! And what happened the night before….
Hope to see you there – from teatime Saturday  till Sunday morning. The hotel does food so I hope we can eat there and get a  breakfast too.
and the Stormont Arms is still in business so we’re still meeting there. And if you haven’t renewed your subscription it’s still only a  tenner…….

May 18, 2015

Chippy Runs

We’ll probably have a run one Tuesday night to the chippers at the Bell Rock, Arbroath,
and Anstruther in June and July, but we’ll set a date for that soon too.

May 18, 2015

Maggie’s Run Update

The 10th Maggie’s Run  went ahead despite pretty miserable weather, with around 50 bikes taking part at the start. Some regulars, and even some newcomers , enjoyed their rolls and tea or coffee before braving the rain, which just got heavier the further west you went! However things dried up a bit in the afternoon and by the time Charlie did the Prize Draw at Maggie’s, the sun was out. So far we’ve collected just over £1200, and some more money is still to come in. Charlie can now have a weel-earned rest for a bit, like driving down to Croft for a track day…..And we had our picture in the Courier too!

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